Never Stop Flowing - Runima Biswas

Never Stop Flowing - Runima Biswas

#Neverstopflowing series featuring strong women from various walks of life with similar vision, to make it big in life with one flow at a time.

In conversation with Runima Biswas, Founder of Fresh Crush, shares her view on business, hurdles she crossed and advice to the newbies in field of business. 

Everyone loves sugarcane, but not everyone consumes it frequently because of its low hygiene standards. So we reasoned, why not do this ourselves. With very little to lose,The numbers appeared to be correct, and we could discover no justification for why we shouldn’t. When we finally decided to launch, we didn’t want to launch a fancy sugar-free brand because this is a native drink that you cannot give to fancy diners or home meals.

We wanted to keep the price at the level of the street vendors and make sure its given hygienically which is the real pain point of every sugar cane juice lover. We wanted to provide for those who wished to consume this juice daily, everywhere. That’s how we got started.

We worked on the store alone for the first two months after we started the business since we weren’t sure, and we had to peel and crush the sugarcane by hand.

Should we hire employees? Do we need to do this? Can we do that? And once we realised it was working after two months, there was no turning back. We are currently 1 and a half years old. Right present, we are in 18 stores. Within the upcoming week, we will turn 20.


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