Nothing Can Stop Us

Nothing Can Stop Us

They say,
A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. Here we have 7 really powerful yet compassionate women who came together from various domains for our first launch campaign “Nothing can stop us”, talking about their struggles and how they walk past them and show there’s also Power in Gentleness.

We believe the whys are bigger than the hows and whats, here’s our why,

Sonu Mehtha, Advocate,
Making a career in the most nepotistic profession out there isn’t easy.

Kokila Suresh, Athlete,
Name the number of women athletes you know, and there’s our why.

Zainab Dastagir, Home maker,
The one with no monthly offs and yet invisible.

Vanshika, Entrepreneur

When you never had a role model to who you can relate growing up.

Sai Shivani, Model,
One of the most looked down upon yet the only women-dominated domain on the list, irony?

Yamini Saroj, Dance,
When your art is compared to your beauty.

Anandhapriya, Journalist,
When you are made to think twice voicing out your opinion.
Despite the whys of the campaign, they still have their why to make it big in life.

"The absence of good casual and formal shoes for women that were fashionable, reasonably priced, and had a feminine touch was one of the largest voids we observed in the industry. For the most part, women's work shoes were big, scaled-down versions of men's shoes. I have never understood or been able to relate to the idea that in order to be powerful, one must be brave and outspoken, and RIVR is a direct outcome of this. Since the beginning, our top priority has been to design formal shoes that are attractive yet powerful while still being feminine and comfortable." adds Vanshika, our founder.  

Bringing these strong women from common everyday lives, coming together for RIVR's first ever campaign is as powerful as it gets. 



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