Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

RIVR is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of site visitors ( We at RIVR want your shopping to be a pleasant experience. Although we must gather some personal information, we respect and uphold your right to privacy as stated in this privacy statement. If any information is collected, it will only be used to enable us to get in touch with you if you choose to, or to get in touch with you as a result of the business relationship you establish by making an online purchase or order. This is only done so that we can follow up on any orders you might start through this website. Financial information other than what is stored is NOT included.

Account or credit card numbers are categorically NOT captured or stored by us. Your session, contact, and order data may be gathered on our server and in the form of cookies or session storage on your browser. Other than those required for the delivery of the product to you, the delivery of marketing materials to you, and improvement purposes, we will NOT disclose it to any third party.

We might also send marketing materials to your contact information in the form of emails or other popular digital mediums. In order to improve our service offerings, we might also research your purchasing habits. Future changes to this policy may be made by RIVR without prior notice.

The Site is covered by this privacy statement. You acknowledge that by using the Site, you are indicating your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. Do not use the Site if you disagree with this privacy statement.

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