Never stop flowing

Hello World,

Welcome to RIVR, where affordable fashion meets unmistakable elegance. Our fresh, free-spirited collections cater to all ages and sizes, boasting trend-led pieces that prioritize comfort and contemporary style.

What is in the name?

RIVR (ri-ver) takes its name from nature's more beautiful and prue form, River. Similar to our founder's journey with RIVR, like a strong River's current would surpass and make its own path breaking barriers in its way. It flows, naturally. Gently.

Missing 'E'

Our founder, Vanshika, experienced dyslexia as a child and found words that ended in er or re difficult. As a result, she decided to completely eliminate the letter E from her brainchild, RIVR. 


More than just shoes

Through our partnership with inspiring, strong, everyday women, the 'RIVR WOMEN' initiative donates all earnings from our partnership towards building her life.